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Crognale: Italian; topographic name indicating the presence of a Cornelian cherry tree or trees. (Italian from corgnale, from corniolo, from Latin corneolus.)

Italian Genealogy

Crognale: Specifico della zona di Castel Frentano e Lanciano (CH), dovrebbe derivare dal termine locale crognale (corniolo), Crognale č anche il nome di un'antica Contrada di Lanciano da cui č pure possibile che qualcuno possa aver derivato il cognome. Casato baronale risalente almeno al XII° secolo nel 1500 fu feudatario dei territori di Arielli (CH) e Poggiofiorito (CH).

from Babelfish:

Specific della zone of Castel Frentano and Lanciano (CH), would have to derive dal crognale local term (corniolo), Crognale is also the name of an ancient Contrada di Lanciano from which it is also possible that someone can have derived the last name. Going back baronial Casato at least to the XII° century in 1500 was feudatario of the territories of Arielli (CH) and Poggiofiorito (CH).

If anyone can come up with a better translation please email me.

The originals! Grandma died in 1960 Uncle Floyd died in 1987 and Uncle  Red in 1995. Uncle George passed away in 2003. Aunt Mary died in 2004 followed closely by Uncle Dom. Chillo and Dad are the only originals left.

She was Antonia Bucci. They were born in Castel Frentano, Italy and moved to the US in 1905. Floyd was the first born to live. There was a boy before him who died at birth or was stillborn. Tony was the baby who lived. There was a girl after him who died in infancy. She was Margaret Mary.

l-r Floyd (d), Red (d), Mary (d), Chillo, Tony, Grandma, Antonia (d), George (d), Dom (d).

Aunt Mary with Grandpa Stefano Crognale who died in 1969.


in front, Tony about 16 years old, Chillo with leg over George, Floyd right of Chillo. The man to the left is Ralph Batista. I asked Uncle Chillo about the other two men and he could not remember. Dad remembered Ralph's name while he was here at Christmas.

Irene, Chillo (Angelo), Dad told me that Uncle Chillo got his nickname when baby Tony couldn't pronounce "Angelo" it came out as "Chillo" and the rest is history. This is from their 65th wedding anniversary mass.


Angie, Larry, Uncle Chillo, Aunt Irene, John and Pat. This is in the church where they were married. After the mass, Dad said, a woman came up and asked Chillo if he remembered her. She had attended their wedding! She was his best friend's girl friend all those years ago.


Mom and Dad outside the church.