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Here are some pictures from the reception back in June. I've been badly neglectful of the website so I'm catching up a bit.

"Smitty" all the way from Boston to celebrate her best friend's good fortune.

More friends from both sides. The guy in the blue shirt is our neighbor Ron. He and I shoot and hunt together.

The continuous feast.

More feasting.

And still more feasting!!! Kate had a continuous brunch on all day.

Eric's best friend from his Air Force days (and still are today), Jason and Anne. She sings with a group "Queen Anne's Lace" at the local Renaissance Faire. Eric and Heather go every year. The "feasting" references above are a tongue in cheek salute to the Faire.

Cutting the cake.

and the usual feeding shot. fortunately they didn't do the usual squash the cake in the face thing.

Taking the top home to freeze for December 17th. Their 1st anniversary coming soon. The guy in the light blue shirt is Kevin Jerose, Eric's best friend from school and I do mean 2nd grade on. He was at our house so much we called him our "emergency back-up son".

Heather's mom visited from Vancouver. So, naturally, they put her to work.

They painted the interior of the house in preparation for sale. Here are some photos. Looks like a really nice job.